Nishant Acharya 

Nishant Acharya aka guitarfr3ak is a musician based in Kathmandu, Nepal who has established himself as one of the most original-sounding guitar players in the country.

While a majority of his music is based around clean fingerstyle-guitar, he often tends to switch to an alter ego that plays soaring catchy melodies with intense bends and vibratos.

Nishant started performing music when he was hardly a teen with his school orchestra and has relentlessly experimented with all kinds of genres over the years which is apparent in his unique approach to making music.

After not finding any band that fit his approach to music, Nishant decided to go solo and started consistently uploading videos to various social platforms that showcase the endless possibilities of his fingerstyle technique.

One fun fact about Nishant is how he went from 20 followers to over 22 thousand in a single month on TikTok after going viral in 2021.

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