Tracey Spacey T Singleton

Tracey Singleton, better known as Spacey T, is a post-Hendrix guitar wizard with an eclectic soul and chops to match. In the 1980s, he and his group, Sound Barrier, held the distinction of being the first all-African-American metal band to sign with a major label. He has also cast his spell in several ground-breaking bands. A composer, music educator, session cat, and unsung trailblazer in the music industry.

"Love your guitar" interview with Tracey Spacey T Singleton

"When I came to know Graph Tech products I could not even imagine guitar hardware can be so high-quality. Since then I have replaced Graph Tech parts for all hardware pieces on all guitars - and obtained better sound, sustain, separation and a welcome change in the sensation of playing."  

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Meet the Luthier

"Hi, I’m Terrance Cummings, and I make solid-body Angeleno guitars and basses.  

I started making guitars and bases about 14-years-ago out of CNCed after-market bodies and necks before buying a router and templates and making my own. I read everything I could get my hands on about guitar building and just I picked it up pretty easily. My son still plays all those early guitars, and they’re awesome. I made a bunch of Strat style guitars that stayed pretty close to the Fender design, but my Tele style guitars were more fun to build because that platform was perfect to do just about anything you wanted. It was fun and all and the guitars are great and stuff, but it got pretty boring. So anyways, couple years ago, I contacted Tracey Singleton, my son’s teacher from the old days and was talking about multi-scale, extended range, eight-string guitars and he had so many cool ideas, that me, a builder and not a musician, hadn’t really thought of. So, I drew out a few different designs on paper and sent Tracey snaps and eventually made up a prototype and then the red one that he's playing now.


A word about those Ratio tuners, Frank Falbo, a well-known luthier in Ventura, California helped me with this red guitar, and he supplied the bridges for the six, seven and new eight-string models too. I picked the guitar up at his shop at the beach, tuned to pitch, tossed it into the back seat, drove it to the high desert and played it for two-weeks and it never, ever, I mean ever went out of tune, so… you know, Graph Tech tuners are the only thing I will ever put into another Angeleno"

Terrance Cummings / Angeleno Guitar Luthier and Founder