Regarding Graph Tech UPC Numbers and AMAZON Transparency

 Effective Nov 11th, 2022

On November 11th, we will be changing approximately 500 of our products to new UPC numbers in order to work with the new Amazon Transparency Product Protection program to ensure product authenticity for customers purchasing Graph Tech Products from Graph Tech and our partners around the world.    

What is Amazon Transparency?

Amazon scans your products to ensure that only authentic units are shipped to customers.

Whether fulfilled by Amazon or shipped directly by selling partners, Amazon scans each individual Transparency-enabled code to ensure that only authentic products are shipped.

What this means to you.

We have approximately 500 UPC numbers that we will be changing.

For your ERP system, this just means adding another UPC number to the product code you already have in your system.

You will have some products with 2 UPC numbers.. If you scan an old UPC or a new UPC, it will register in your ERP.

You, as our authorized Graph Tech partner, can give your customers an extra level of assurance that the products purchased from you are genuine Graph Tech products.

What we will do.

We will supply you with an excel file and a csv file of the product codes and the new UPC numbers to import into your ERP system. You can update your system any time before November11th.

Beginning November 11th, 2022, these 500 products will be shipped by Graph Tech with the new UPC numbers.

In the first quarter 2023, we will start adding a product authentication label to all Graph Tech products we supply you.

Nothing needs to be done on your end, your customers (and your customers customers) can simply scan the Amazon QR code to verify that the Graph Tech product are genuine and authentic.

If you have any questions, please contact your Graph Tech salesperson for any questions or assistance.

All the best

Dave Dunwoodie

Head Honcho / President 

Contact us if you have questions :

Below you can find a file with the original and new UPC. Please share this page with your ERP professional. 
To download csv file, please select "List of Items for UPC Change" tab.
Click File in the menu, then select Download, select "Comma Separated Values (.csv)" format.