Adam Zimmon


Currently on tour Ziggy Marley. Adam has played with some of the biggest bands in the music industry. Colbie Callait, Shakira, Glen Campbell, Enrique Iglesias, Dido, Page McConnell(Phish), Vida Blue, Guitarist in house band for NBC's "The Winner is"(2013), The Spam Allstars.


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Graph Tech products Adam uses:

Picks, bridge pins, nuts, acoustic bridge.

Guitars you have Graph Tech on:

Adam has Graph Tech pins and bridge on his Vintage Gibson J45 (great guitar), and he uses Graph Tech Nut on his Telecasters and Stratocasters!

"Refitting my vintage Gibson Acoustic with the Graph Tech bridge, bridge pins, and nut made a good guitar great. the guitar came alive in new ways and instantantly became my go-to acoustic. Putting Graph Tech parts on my guitars has been a big improvement and now I can't imagine them without it. Also, the TUSQ picks are really special. The instant I tried them I was hooked and changed my pick for the first time in 15 years. It's easy to be skeptical about something as simple as a pick, but they really affect my tone in a positive that way I can hear and feel." - Adam Zimmon


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