The #1 saddle upgrade in the world!

Why Upgrade to String Saver Saddles?

  • Reduce string breakage by 90%

  • Increased sustain over brass and steel saddles

  • Permanently lubricated throughout the saddles

  • Increased harmonic content

  • Improves overall depth, tone and balance

  • Rust, Sweat and Corrosion Free, including springs and set screws

There are String Saver Saddle models that fit most Electric, Acoustic and Bass guitars

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

This month, Love Your Guitar is focusing on the scourge of broken strings, and power-blues guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd seemed the perfect choice to represent both the problem and the solution. A ferocious player, Shepherd is far from gentle when launching his fire-breathing blues licks, and he needs something watching his "6"—such as our String Saver Saddles.

Game Changing MODS
Why 99% of strings break at the saddle

It’s never a good time to break a string. Why do strings break? In a nutshell… metal fatigue. Metal strings forced against a metal saddle are sticky and locks the string into position at a very specific point… kind of like putting a coat hanger wire into a vice…. Keep wiggling the coat hanger wire back and forth and it will break pretty quickly, loosen the vice a bit, and that wire will last and last. Patented String Saver Saddles are impregnated with PTFE, the world's slipperiest substance. It gives the string a slight bit of play at the witness point, drastically reducing metal fatigue of strings… The result? You’ll play in the moment, without thinking about breaking a string. Watch Justin launch into a discussion on how you can beat string breakage.

The Science Behind String Breakage

Many solos and songs have been destroyed by a sudden string break. Staying in the moment is what playing is all aboutFor those left brain/right brain thinkers we offer a white paper on how and why strings go bust. 

5 String Saver Believers

Guitarists from around the world rely on String Saver Saddles as a must for a great performance—and that's understating the obvious.  

All String Saver Saddles come with GT's 45 days "Love it or return!" Guarantee! You Must Be Satisfied!

"Takin' Care of Business,"

Randy Bachman


Some “Thanks so much for the String Saver Saddles," said the Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive legend. "I have them on my stage guitars. I never broke one string during the whole tour!”


Dick Dale


"I don't have time for wussy saddles," said the late King of Surf Guitar. "I need string saddles that can take it. I wouldn't think of playing 'the Beast' without String Saver Saddles, and you can take that to the bank!"

"Paradise City,

"Guns N' Roses"


Sean Paden, the guitar tech for Guns N' Roses has remarked“I put String Saver Saddles on every instrument I touch.”

"BrB," cB3


"I was conducting a war against string breakage," said Chris Buono of cB3.

"When I brought a Strat for an overhaul, the tech installed a Graph Tech Black TUSQ XL nut and replaced the saddles in the bridge system I was using at the time with String SaversNeedless to say, my life changed forever. After wrestling with locking nuts for years, I finally had a trem system that allowed the guitar to breath, I could stay in tune under the rigors of my intense whammy antics, and I wasn’t breaking strings. This would have been impossible without Graph Tech products. I’ve been a devout user ever since, and I always will be."

"Live at Blue Ocean Music Hall,"

Dan Lawson


"I thought I would check in with you after changing out my steel saddles to String Savers," said blues-rock phenom Dan Lawson. "During my first show with the new saddles, I couldn’t break a string if I tried. Oh, and I tried! The Graph Tech saddles seem to give my guitar more sustain and a deeper, richer body tone. I'm not sure how that could be, but that’s my review on the change. String Saver Saddles made a great guitar even better."