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String Saver Acoustic Saddle Microbalance 12" Radius (PS-9600-C0)

String Saver Acoustic Saddle Microbalance 12" Radius (PS-9600-C0)



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The PS-9600-C0 is an excellent option to replace or upgrade the saddle on your acoustic guitar that has an under saddle pickup.


It uses Graph Tech Microbalance technology which allows you to fine-tune the output for each string.


It is compensated to help improve the playability of your guitar and has a 12" radius.


The PS-9600-C0 is also available in a convenient 10-pack (LT-9600-10).


String Saver saddles are made with a unique combination of materials made to enhance tone and dramatically reduce string breakage. Each saddle is impregnated with PTFE, the slipperiest substance on earth.

The PTFE in String Savers eases the grip between the saddle and string, spreading the stress over a greater portion of the string, just enough to drastically reduce string breakage.




To be updated.


Measure Length Width Height E to E
inches 2.802" 0.126" 0.292" n/a
mm 71.18 3.20 7.43 n/a


To be updated.

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