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Epiphone's new Axcess Les Paul equipped with GT Ghost bridge, Vintage RATIO machine heads, and 5 turning 50!
NEW! RATIO Vintage Machine Heads

Want to experience the miracle of Ratio machine heads on your vintage-style guitar, but you're reluctant to do any modifications? Watch Justin debut our new vintage Ratio models that fit your favorite vintage (or vintage-ish) guitar without any "MacGyver-ing" (as Justin calls it). Justin also demos the rapid-fire tuning and detuning operations that can be yours when you install our accurate and consistent Ratios.

Alex Lifeson

Based on the Gibson Les Paul Axcess that Alex Lifeson developed with the iconic guitar maker to better "suit his purposes," Epiphone's new—and very affordable—Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess Standard serves up much of the Rush guitarist's tonal refinements. A peek "under the hood" of the new model reveals Graph Tech's Ghost system including Ghost pickups mounted on a Floyd Rose licensed bridge, GT Acousti-phonic preamp, Epiphone Ceramic Pro (neck) and ProBucker 3 (bridge) pickups with coil-splitting options, a belly carve, a sculpted "Axcess" heel, a slim "Lifeson profile" mahogany neck, 22 medium-jumbo frets, and a mahogany body with an AAA flame-veneer top.

An important part of Lifeson's onstage tonal palette is his switching and blending of electric and acoustic sounds. For these purposes, we're honored that Lifeson and Epiphone choose our Graph Tech Ghost system for the Axcess.  Players can blend conventional humbucker tones, split-coil sounds, and full-on acoustic tones and textures—and all through a traditional mono jack, or a stereo output for separate magnetic and Ghost timbres via two dedicated amps.

"The look, the sound, the playability, and the utility are all there for the player at any level," says Lifeson, who released two new instrumentals—"Kabul Blues" and Spy House" to celebrate the Axcess. "I'm very proud of this guitar. I think you'll love it, too."

Check Out the Epi Axcess!

Nuts for Nuts and Other Stuff

The 2021 Guitar Player/Guitar World Ultimate Gear Guide recently went to press, and Graph Tech products were represented on many guitar models. We are thrilled to be included as standard equipment on these stunning guitars and basses and more.

Baldacci Bighorn Hollowbody (Ghost system), Charvel Angel Vivaldi Pro-Mod Signature DK24-6 Nova (TUSQ XL nut), Charvel DK24 HSH 2PT CM (TUSQ XL nut),

Charvel Pro-Mod San Dimas Basses (TUSQ XL nut and open-gear tuners), Cort G300 Pro (TUSQ nut), Dean Zero Select Evertune Fluence (NuBone nut), Epiphone Emily Wolfe Sheraton Stealth (nut), Epiphone Slash Les Paul Standard (nut), Epiphone Prophecy SG (NuBone nut), Epiphone Slash J-45 (TUSQ nut and saddle), Gibson SG Tony Iommi (nut), Gibson Hummingbird Standard Vintage Sunburst (TUSQ nut, saddle, and bridge pins), Martin (TUSQ bridge pins and compensated TUSQ saddle).

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5 Turning 50

The year 1971 was a fabulous one for rock music, as transcendent albums by more than a few legendary artists and bands hit record shops and radios to conquer pop culture. Let's look at five artists putting their own take on tunes from that transformational year.

"Superstar," Marcus King bluesy


The young blues-guitar lion delivers an appropriately bluesy take on the Carpenters' mega hit, from Carpenters, released May 1971.

Hear It

"Life on Mars," Post Modern Jukebox 


A jazzy version of the classic David Bowie album track from Hunky Dory, released December 1971.

Hear It

"Behind Blue Eyes," Limp Bizkit


The nu-metal darlings deliver a surprisingly emotional rendition of the Who hit from August 1971's iconic Who's Next.

Hear It

"Tiny Dancer," Red Hot Chili Peppers

RHCP guitarist John Frusciante sings a lovely version of this radio smash from Elton John's Madman Across the Water, November 1971. 

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"Black Dog," Led Zeppelin

The Wilson sisters' affinity for Led Zeppelin is well-documented, and they totally rock out this loud and swinging ditty from Led Zeppelin IV, November 1971.

Hear It

"Spain" by Daniele Gottardo

Italy's Daniele Gottardo is one of Steve Vai's favorite guitar players. You can't get a much better endorsement than that! Gottardo is a brilliant composer with an agile, iconoclastic mind, and his extraordinary technique and whimsical humor often produces jaw-dropping guitar moments. In this video, Gottardo improvises over the Chick Corea composition, "Spain."

"These changes are so cool," says Gottardo. "And they offer a lot to learn in terms of harmonic progression."



Smarten Up Your Guitar or Bass for the New Year

Many fingers across the globe are crossed that 2021 will see the return of touring, club dates, and other live shows. Wouldn't you like to step into a revitalized music industry with a truly kick-ass instrument? It's very possible you haven't shown your guitar or bass much love during lockdown, so it's time to do a few simple mods to enhance your stringed partner's tone and playability. Click the link to see some awesome upgrade options!

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