UN-LOCK your nut and release the beast!

  • Optimally ramped and angled string slot design (distributes the string tension over the entire string ramp) which allows us to triple the lubrication.

  • Waaaaay easier string bends on the 1st to 5th string positions.

  • Faster string changes.

  • Reduced headstock weight.

  • Improved string to headstock connection (you'll feel this the first time you play).

  • Straight forward upgrade, a final tweak on sanding to flush fit with the edge of the fingerboard, and a drop of white glue.

  • The ability to tweak string heights, just like a regular nut.

  • 10, 12 and 16 inch radius available.

  • No more Allen keys for your nut.

AND, you can finally tweak and tune with your machine heads!

(locking machine heads recommended, but not mandatory)

The advent of the locking nut in 1977 brought significant improvements to guitars but also introduced challenges like not being able to use machine heads for tuning and fiddling with fine tuners on the bridge. When a string broke, it became a frustrating task involving an Allen key and multiple adjustments.

The introduction of locking tuners has changed the game. Boost your guitar's tuning performance with the cutting-edge Unlock Nut, expertly designed for seamless compatibility with locking machine heads.

Featuring ultra-slippery Black TUSQ XL, discard your locking nut and hard-to-find Allen key, and regain control over your machine head tuning. In line strings, like Strat-style guitars work best.

Offered in four variants to accommodate your needs.