Graph Tech Guitar Labs Unveils Revolutionary 'HeliumX / Ghost Saddle' for Bass Instruments

Graph Tech Guitar Labs, a vanguard in music technology, proudly announces the release of its innovative 'HeliumX / Ghost Saddle' - a game-changing product designed for electric basses, multi-scale basses, and bass ukuleles. This launch marks a significant leap in instrument versatility and performance.
The 'HeliumX / Ghost Saddle showcases a brilliant design allowing for each saddle's independent installation. This ground-breaking feature opens up a spectrum of configuration possibilities, accommodating 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or more saddles, offering unparalleled versatility to cater to diverse musical styles and artist preferences.
Each HeliumX / Ghost Saddle is equipped with a Graph Tech Ghost pickup. Paired with the Bass Acousti-Phonic preamp, it provides a wide dynamic range synonymous with the Ghost pickup system. This versatile system can be integrated with standard magnetic or active pickup systems, enabling musicians to use either or both systems simultaneously. Additionally, instruments can be exclusively outfitted with the Ghost pickup system for unique tonal qualities.
The heart of this design lies in its patent-pending mounting system, offering extensive height and angle adjustments for each string, alongside unlimited radius options, ensuring robust lockdown. This design supports both through-the-body and top-mount string installations, enhancing its versatility across different instrument types.
Dave Dunwoodie, Head Honcho at Graph Tech, emphasizes the product's innovative nature: "We really designed this from the ground up for a totally new design that adds a completely new dimension to tone and versatility for bass instruments."
For bassists aiming to push their tonal boundaries and delve into new sonic landscapes, the 'HeliumX / Ghost Saddle' from Graph Tech Guitar Labs represents a significant advancement.
Availability: The 'HeliumX / Ghost Saddle' is now available.
MSRP: US$69.95 per Saddle with hardware.
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