ResoMax Archtop Bridge

No one plays a beautifully crafted archtop expecting less-than-transcendent tone, 

and the Graph Tech ResoMax Archtop Bridge ensures that every  nuance of your instrument's gorgeous sound is delivered with high-definition resolution. 

Conventional wood bridges can produce erratic variations in sound due to dead spots, inconsistent density and other factors—no matter whether the bridge is constructed from rosewood, ebony, or generic woods. 

But the Graph Tech ResoMax Archtop Bridgeis crafted under high heat and pressure from 100-percent organic polymers, and produces a balance of articulation, sustain, volume, and harmonics that truly brings out the distinctive character of your prized archtop.

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Ruby Leigh

Multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, and animal lover Ruby Leigh has packed one heck of a music career into her 13 years. She has sung with Vince Gill, Mickey Gilley, Pam Tillis, the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, and other major artists. She was also the grand champion of Dolly Parton's 2018 Soul Mountain Vocal Competition, won the grand prize at the Loretta Lynn "So You Think You Can Sing" competition, and has taken home many national awards. All of this from a talented teen who lives in the tiny town of Foley, Missouri (population 150) that is hardly a music business mecca.

"I depend on several Graph Tech products to keep all my instruments sounding great," says Ruby. "I love Dry N' Glide as it keeps my hands dry, and my strings always last twice as long. It leaves my hands smelling nice, too! "

Watch Ruby Cover Ernest Tubb's "Thanks a Lot"




What's the Difference Between 
a TUSQ XL Nut and a TUSQ Nut?

The biggest difference is that a TUSQ XL nut is impregnated with PTFE, and a TUSQ nut is not. This lubrication prevents strings from binding in the slots, and as a result, you get better tuning stability with TUSQ XL nuts — especially when using a tremolo or bending strings. The lubricant in TUSQ XL produces a warmer tone, while TUSQ nuts provide a bit more harmonic content, making them particularly useful for acoustic guitars and other acoustic stringed instruments. By the way, PTFE is impregnated throughout our TUSQ XL nuts, so the lubricating properties never wear out.


5 Rock Albums that Turn 50 in 2021

Let's kick off a hopefully happy new year by celebrating the golden anniversaries of some influential and much-loved rock releases. 

Alice Cooper, Killer


The stuttering guitars, drum fills, and intro lyric ("Telephone is ringing/You got me on the run") that open "Under My Wheels" — the first song from this November 1971 Top 30 smash — are like a master class on how to instantly grab a listener's ears.

Hear "Under My Wheels"


T.Rex, Electric Warrior 


T.Rex's Marc Bolan fired up glam rock during his March 1971 appearance on the BBC's Top of the Pops, and the release of "Bang a Gong" six months later unleashed a "T.Rextasy" phenomenon across the globe.

Hear "Bang a Gong (Get It On)"


David Bowie, Hunky Dory

Considered the channel crossing to Bowie's iconic Ziggy Stardust persona, Hunky Dory only became a bona fide hit after the Ziggy album astounded the rock world in 1972. "Life On Mars" features guitarist Mick Ronson performing a near perfect melodic solo, as well as his cinematic string arrangements.

Hear "Life On Mars"


Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin IV

The untitled fourth studio album by Zep brought us the song everyone shudders to hear played in music stores, "Stairway to Heaven." But IV is also full of rocking performances recorded spontaneously — a benefit of the lack of distractions at the pastoral Headley Grange manor house where the band parked the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio to record what became its best-selling album. 

Hear "Black Dog"


The Who, Who's Next

The immense creative reach of the Who's Pete Townshend guided him to compose another rock opera after 1969's Tommy. It didn't happen. But the implosion of Townshend's Lifehouse project birthed an arguably much greater album with the August 1971 release of Who's Next. Thanks to engineer/producer Glyn Johns, the Who's glorious roar was finally captured in the studio with all the dimensional and bombastic impact that the band delivered live.


Hear "Won't Get Fooled Again"



How to Find the Right String Saver Saddle

Inspired by Justin's FAQ FRIDAY session on stopping strings from breaking? 

(If not, you can click to watch it a little further down the page.)  

Let Graph Tech Support Specialist Gray Bramwell (support@graphtech.com) show you how to match one of our String Saver Saddles to your very own guitar.


Balaguer Espada Synthwave

We're putting the spotlight on one of our manufacturing partners this month, but we don't think you'll mind, because their latest guitar is premium badass! Balaguer Guitars of Pennsylvania recently released the stunning Limited Edition Espada Synthwave, which features our Graph Tech Black TUSQ XL nut, along with locking tuners, a roasted-maple neck, stainless-steel frets, and more.

Your guitar can be next! Watch our Facebook page for the call to submit your favorite guitar. Simply post an image in the comments, and we may contact you to spotlight your baby in the next Graph Tech e-newsletter!


How to Stop Breaking Strings

Undeterred by bothersome pups and fading embers in his fireplace, Justin reveals why strings typically break, and what you can do to keep them 

from breaking when you play hard and in the moment.


Birds of Play

What happens when you let 70 tiny zebra finches loose in a room with ten white Gibson Les Pauls, four black Gibson Thunderbird basses, four amps, and delay, distortion, and other effects? Well, the sound the avian musicians make isn't exactly Stravinsky, Glenn Branca, or even Lynyrd Skynyrd ("Free Bird!"), but the "living music" installations by French artist Celeste Boursier-Mougenot show that finches actually make pretty decent experimental guitarists.


Smarten Up Your Guitar or Bass for the New Year

Many fingers across the globe are crossed that 2021 will see the return of touring, club dates, and other live shows. Wouldn't you like to step into a revitalized music industry with a truly kick-ass instrument? It's very possible you haven't shown your guitar or bass much love during lockdown, so it's time to do a few simple mods to enhance your stringed partner's tone and playability. Click the link to see some awesome upgrade options!

Make It Happen




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