Erik Faust


Guitar first came into my life at the age of 19, I had absolutely no intentions of ever being a musician and was living as a wayward soul, in a friends guest room. There was not much to do but I saw an old Squier Stratocaster laying around and began learning the guitar, it was undoubtedly the best moment of my life. I spent the following years honing my craft and studying guitar and Music Theory, which helped me tremendously on expanding my mind and musical abilities. I have played in numerous bands and each time, developed as a better musician. I have played in venues from New York to Detroit and feel very fortunate to be able to do something I love and at the same time,have people connect with it.


Schecter C-1 Elite,Line 6 Spider Valve MK2,Dean Mako glory acoustic guitar and a Morley Dragon 2 Wah pedal

“I first discovered Graph Tech Guitar Labs back in 2011 when I needed to replace my bridge and nut on my Schecter, after talking to their parts guy I was recommended to turn to Graph Tech for my needs. I have been a believer ever since and can attest that my tone and sustain have greatly improved. I would highly recommend Graph Tech if you are looking to put life in your guitar sound.” - Erik Faust