Jamie Harrison


Jamie is the son of critically acclaimed Chicago Artist Jim Skafish, who achieved international fame via the band Skafish, which was the first punk group out of Chicago. Jim is also a classically trained pianist who is equally comfortable playing Chopin as he is Oscar Peterson. Jamie spent 18 years training in piano, guitar, and vocal studies with Jim before leaving the Chicago region to serve his country in the United States Air Force. As a student Jamie performed at classical recitals starting at age 3 and had even played political functions for 2 Indiana Governors as a minor. While in the Air Force Jamie kept honing the craft of music by playing with local and regional bands in Texas and the greater South West region of the United States. Jamie also performed at functions in the service, most notably performing with Lee Greenwood at the Air Force's 60th anniversary ball in Albuquerque NM. Outside of his Military Career Jamie was laying a solid foundation in his musical career sharing stages with the likes of Foghat, Donnie Van Zant (of van zant and 38 special), Blue Oyster Cult, and Skid Row. During this time Jamie played with some of the premier regional bands of the South West playing State Fairs, Casinos, and Festivals (such as Albuquerques Baloon Fiesta with Hundreds of thousands in attendance).

After the Air Force Jamie went on to play music full time. Having a backround for studio work Jamie took on some new styles of music and began playing in Country Music bands. After rising through the ranks Jamie had again become a regular regional player in the South West playing shows in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah. In this time Jamie connected with Country Star and Megahit Songwriter George Ducas. Ducas had several top 20 hits while signed to Capitol Records including "tear drops" and "Lipstick Promises." George has also written iconic hits such as Radney Fosters "Just Call Me Lonesome" Randy Rogers Band "Kiss Me in the Dark" Eli Young Band (Always the Love Songs) and several other chart topping radio hits for artist such as George Jones, Garth Brooks, and Sara Evans etc. Jamie also performed at the Internationally known baloon fiesta performing for an estimated 30,000 people opening up for Darius Rucker (country solo artist and former singer of Hootie and the Blowfish).

While still performing with George and various country music outfits Jamie also stayed busy working with Internationally known Grammy Nominated Latin Artist Micky Cruz playing on his Cumbeque 3 disc and performing live with the singer. In addition to the latin material with Micky, Jamie began playing with Jazz singer Tracey Whitney (former Ray Charles Raelette and member of the famous Whitney Family Band).

Jamie is also a full time touring member of The Pink Flamingos, an internationally known band that plays corporate events, political functions, and performing arts venues in addition to other high profile gigs such as American Cancer Society Cattle Barons Ball opening for Dustin Lynch or performing at Richard Bransons house (owner of virgin airlines/space cruises).

Jamie is also continuing to write and record original material to be released at a later date.




Pickups are all David Allen Pickups

Gretsch Duo Jet in White with David Allen Rebels (early 60s tron)

Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe Ice Tea Burst with David Allen P51s (59 style PAF)

Fender Deluxe Strat 2007ish with David Allen Laylas( a 73 inspired set with enamel coated magnetic wire) Graph Tech String Saver Saddles

Fender Mexican Strat 2004 with David Allen Texas Flood (made to spec after Stevies 80s rewound pups) Graph Tech String Saver Saddles

Fender Parts Caster dubbed "cooder caster" ala Ry Cooder sporting a lap steel pickup in bridge, a 60s harmony gold foil in neck and a David Allen Hot Rock Mid pickup. Its unlike anything i've ever had. It was made by a friend who is no longer with me.

Fender Modern Player Tele with David Allen Alley Cats (classic 1957 PAF style in Ink Black covers)

Southern Belle Tele Style in Purple with Bigsby and David Allen Hot Rebels (filtertrons with Kick)

Jay Turser knockoff tele gutted with all new stuff David Allen Pickups Cheetahs( designed with help from Nashville players stones to chicken pickin)

Ibanez AF105 Jazz box with David Allen Pickups Alley Cats (57 style PAF all jazz tone)

Hagstrom Swede and Viking TUSQ Nut

Gretsch 6120 Ratio Tuners, TUSQ Nut, ResoMax NV1 bridge.

Guitar Amps include:

Mahalo Amps AEM50 its a 40 watt monster in Purple to match the Southern Belle Tele from clean jazz to garage rock it can do it all nicely!!

Fender hot rod deville modded to be a blues deville.

Fender blues jr in a 2x12 cabinet with creambacks and an fx loop for the tweakers


Tech 21 fly rig for most travel gigs

empress vintage modified tape delay

"Graph Tech products elevate stringed instruments to their peak potential. Whether as a touring artist, sideman, or session player, I demand precision from my instruments and Graph Tech delivers effective and reliable quality every time. Their TUSQ picks rock too!" - Jamie Harrison