RATIO Machine Heads and InvisoMatch Mounting Plates FAQ

What is RATIO Machine Heads and InvisoMatch Mounting Plates?

RATIO Machine Heads are a high-performance transmission for your guitar. The core tension of every string is different, each requiring a unique gear ratio to deliver tuning perfection.

RATIO’s patented gear technology delivers premium tuning performance every time by giving each string its own specific tuning gear.

InvisoMatch Mounting Plates for RATIO Tuned Machine Heads are the easiest approach to installing Ratio Tuned Machine Heads on your guitar. Simply select the installation plate design that matches the screw/pin hole location of your factory installed machine heads, then follow the three-step process described here. You’ll be up and running within minutes, perfectly installed and aligned.

Watching the installation video, the video indicates the gold mounting plates are not included. Do I have to order the gold screws separately too?

4 different sets of InvisoMatch mounting plates in brushed aluminum are included into all* the RATIO sets to make installation on most guitars fast and accurate by using your existing screw mounting holes (*except tuners with backs).
And you can upgrade to the matching finish InvisoMatch plates as well - chrome, black, nickel, gold.

Other machine head manufacturers just kind of offer you an ultimatum: you install these as they come and end of story. You've got a different screw hole profile on your headstock? Tough! Deal with it and get out your drill!
We friendly Canadians like to offer you options to make life easier.
But it does present a conundrum. People ordering a set of tuners will only use one of the sets of plates we include, and the other 3 don't get used. We can justify doing that with the aluminum plates because a) they're a pretty good match for the chrome and nickel sets, and b) it doesn't break the bank to do so.
But if we were to include 4 full sets of 6 plates in the different shapes in gold finish, we'd either lose money or have to jack the price way up. We could just be like other tuner makers and say, ah screw it. You're on your own. But that's not how we roll.

We're faced with the choice of including NO plates or including the aluminum ones and offering the premium ones to folks who know exactly which ones they need, so we're not sending a bunch of expensive gold out into the world that won't get used on anything.
Same with gold screws. Most often people are replacing existing tuners with new ones in the same finish, so rather than send a bunch of orphaned screws out into the world, we figure they'll use the ones that were on there before.

What's the maximum string gauge that your tuners work with? 

RATIO Machine Heads can handle up to a .72-gauge string.

InvisoMatch Mounting Plates actual size drawings

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