Val Gaina

Soviet and Russian rock guitarist, member of the bands "Cordial", "Magistral", "Young Voices", "Cruise", "Gain", as well as "Karma", "SSD", "iNSULATED" (USA) and others. In the 80s, he was repeatedly recognized as the best guitarist in the USSR . Plays in the styles of hard rock, heavy metal, thrash metal.

In 1988-1989 he lived in Germany, where he performed and recorded with the Cruise trio. He traveled on tour to a number of European countries. In 1990 he left for the USA, where he lived first in Nashville, then in Los Angeles. In the mid-2000s, after touring Russia, he released the albums "Yours Again" (2006), "Who do you play and sing with ?!" (2008), "Fingertips" (2011), living alternately in Moscow and Los Angeles. Leader of the bands "GAiNA" and "Siren on the Moon".

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