Faq NuBone XB 

NuBone is a derivative of Graph Tech's proprietary TUSQ material and offers very similar tonal characteristics to our highly esteemed TUSQ. NuBone doesn't damp string vibration like plastic; instead, it transfers the optimum frequencies to the guitar allowing for more volume, more tone, and more harmonics. Also, NuBone is beautiful to work with because it is consistent throughout, files and sands easily, and won't melt on a belt sander.

What is the difference of TUSQ and NuBone?

The major difference between TUSQ and NuBone is that TUSQ is a slightly harder material and has a slightly brighter sound. The tonal differenced is slight and not evident to everyone.

Why should I carry NuBone in my store?

Nubone is a great alternative to plastic for your repair shop. Finally you have a product that delivers great tone at an affordable price. This can be used to repair entry level guitars and improve their playability and tone at a lower cost to your customer. 80% of the guitars sold sell for under $200.00, so the market is huge for a good alternative to plastic that can actually improve guitar tone and performance.

Why is NuBone only available in pre-slotted and compensated models?

The reason we only make per-shaped NuBone nuts and saddles is that if you are going to spend the money on a custom shaped nut or saddle you might as well use one of our premium TUSQ product because most of the cost is in the labor.

Why is NuBone only available in packs of 10 pieces?

Actually NuBone is also available in three different packaging options. It comes in a ten pack, a five pack or a convenient Master Luthier Kit. This kit comes with our nine most popular nuts and three most popular saddles with a total of fifty pieces.

Will NuBone improve the sound on my guitar?

As compared to plastic, bone or Corian, NuBone will improve the tone of your guitar, increase sustain and help create a more balanced sound from string to string.