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ghost GUITAR Acousti-phonic Advanced Preamp Kit



The PK-0240-00 is the advanced Ghost Acousti-Phonic preamp kit for guitar.

It includes all the basic components you need (except pickups) that you will need to add realistic acoustic tone to your electric guitar and adds in the Quickswitch (to switch between acoustic and electric sounds, or both at the same time) and Mid/Dark Push/Pull pot with Volume control.


Note:  Some instruments may require modifications to accommodate piezo wires.

See our complete installation manual for more specifics or contact us directly (




Includes everything you see in the photo.

In addition to the basic kit, it adds optional mid/dark push/pull volume pot, three way selector switch, 1/4" stereo switched jack and all wiring harnesses needed for installation.

Does Not include GHOST pickup saddles.