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Ghost Floyd Rose Saddles Set 7 String (PN-0080, Select Finish)

Ghost Floyd Rose Saddles Set 7 String (PN-0080, Select Finish)



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The PN-0080-x7 is a set of seven ghost loaded Floyd Rose saddles in three finishes. There is a small ghost pickup loaded into a hardened steel housing and will work alone or in conjunction with any ghost preamp kit.


You may want to slot the bridge plate on your existing bridge for a clean install.


Stock bridge plates will have to be modified to accommodate ghost saddle wires. Click for required slot dimensions. Graph Tech LB63 bridges come pre-modified for no hassle install.


Ghost loaded Floyd Rose original style saddles.  Saddles are three different heights and come with everything you need to install.  Works with any of our ghost preamp kits along with many others.





Measure Length Width
Height #1
Height #2 Height #3 E to E
0.369" 0.390" 0.409" NA
mm 34.41 10.69 9.40
9.91 10.41 NA
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