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GHOST Pickups Strat & Tele 2 1/16" spacing (PN-8000-00)

GHOST Pickups Strat & Tele 2 1/16" spacing (PN-8000-00)



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The PN-8000-00 is a set of six ghost loaded saddles with a center intonation screw.  They are designed to work with any of our GHOST preamp kits.

They will fit any Stratocaster or Telecaster style guitar with a string spacing of 2 1/16"".  Each set of saddles come with a set of longer intonation screws for use with modern style Telecaster style guitars.

Ghost loaded saddles for a Strat or Tele with a 2 1/16" string spacing and a center intonation screw. Works with any of our ghost preamp kits along with other companies preamps.

  Improved tuning stability   Impregnated with PTFE
  Increased harmonic content
 Measure  Length Width
E to E 
0.23" 2.076"
mm 20.7mm 10.41mm 5.84mm
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