PS-9400-C0 : String Saver Gibson Acoustic Saddle

String Saver Gibson Acoustic Saddle - Graph Tech Guitar Labs Ltd.

The PS-9400-C0 is a great option to replace or upgrade the saddle on your Gibson acoustic as well as many other popular guitars. It is compensated to help improve the playability of your guitar.

 Black TUSQ XL is designed to boost guitar tone and performance. This precision engineered saddle is made with a specially formulated material which couples the strings' vibrations to the neck and brings out the hidden harmonics and richness in every note. It is based on the highly resonant TUSQ man made ivory, but is impregnated with PTFE to improve the tuning performance of the guitar.

    Improved tuning stability    Increased harmonic content 
 Measure  Length Width 
E to E  
0.436" 0"
mm 71.34mm 3.26mm 11.08mm