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ghost Pickup Summing Board (PE-5017-00)

ghost Pickup Summing Board (PE-5017-00)



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Summing Board connects all the GHOST pickups together for into the Acousti-Phonic preamp.

An additional summing board can be used to increase the number of inputs (or strings) that can be used with the Acousti-Phonic preamp.

This component is included with the PE-0240-00, PE-0340-00, PK-0680-00, and PK-0780-00.


Note:  Some instruments may require modifications to accommodate piezo wires.

See our complete installation manual for more specifics or contact us directly (


The Summing Board connects all the pickup hot wires, and pickup grounds together for input to the Acousti-Phonic.

Not required when installing the Hexpander preamp to access midi and virtual controllers.


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