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TUSQ Nut Slotted Jumbo (PQ-6000-00)

TUSQ Nut Slotted Jumbo (PQ-6000-00)



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The PQ-6000-00 is a great option to upgrade the nut on your Gibson-style electric guitar.  It is pre-slotted for a quick and simple installation.

The PQ-6000-00 is also available in a convenient 10-pack (LQ-6000-00).

TUSQ nuts and saddles have rich tones without the inconsistency found in ivory, bone, and other natural materials. Bone and ivory have hard and soft spots (grain) throughout each piece, hampering the consistent transfer of vibrations to the guitar top. TUSQ nuts, saddles, and bridge pins are designed to transfer the right frequencies more efficiently from the string to the guitar body.

  Improved tuning stability   Increased harmonic content

 Measure  Length Width
E to E 
0.329" 1.425"
mm 44.07mm 4.98mm 8.36mm
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